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Are you looking to start a business? Grow your business? Get your business back on track? We can Help!

What We Do

Monthly Mastermind Meetings

At our monthly meetings we provide education, and foster discussions surrounding the day-to-day challenges that business owners are facing while trying to manage their business and accomplish their goals.

Our advisors come from a wide range of disciplines to help with the central tasks of cash flow management, to bookkeeping and payroll to marketing, sales and IT services. We can also help with accounting, legal, operational management and leasing.

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Who We Are

About BRAG

We are a group of like-minded, successful business owners and professionals who share our knowledge and expertise and give our time to educate, mentor, advise, consult, and coach small business owners who may need support and resources in any area. We understand that growing and operating a business is a challenging task that can benefit from the guidance of experienced advisors. We are dedicated to enhance local small businesses on the South Shore and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts by focusing on building relationships with and among business owners in these communities to share practices and common and not-so- common experiences.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a dream of starting a business, a business that is experiencing some success, growth, and looking to expand, or a well-established business, all businesses are welcome and urged to attend our monthly meetings as a guest to share their background and experience, introduce their products and services, short and long term goals, or whatever you are comfortable sharing. It is an opportunity to learn useful information and ask questions about issues you may be having. This is an exceptional opportunity to connect, and collaborate with business owners dealing with similar challenges as yours, and with successful business owners who are willing to connect to offer their advice, and support.


BRAG is an association of business owners, and professionals committed to the success of local businesses in the South Shore of Massachusetts through support, mentorship and educational opportunities.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Development


Business News & Resources

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