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My background: I have diverse experience in engineering, law, and finance. My expertise embraces varied roles, early-stage investing in medical devices, life science, high technology, and professional service firms as a member of a family office and as a Board member of various family-owned and operated businesses and non-profit organizations. I was VP, Business Operations, General Counsel and Secretary and a member of the Operating Committee of Computervision Corp (formerly Prime Computer, Inc.), and VP, Administration, and CFO of a $100 million IBM hardware and software reseller with professional services organization and a corporate venture arm. For the last ten years, I have worked with small business owners as a consultant, as a member of an Advisory Committee, and a Board of Directors.

My Practice: Experienced Board Member Helping Owners of Small to Mid-size Businesses Build a Company that is financially strong with consistent earnings and is operationally self-sustaining. I provide thoughtful strategic support based on careful financial, planning, and analysis with the business owner.

My experience includes:

Business Sales: I have worked with business owners in the generic pharmaceutical, technology, software, professional services, and laboratory services industries to increase value and prepare for and navigate a successful exit.

Operations/Financial Management: I seek to bring sound, practical business and financial judgment learned from my experience working with owner-operated companies. I have resolved complex problems under critical time constraints in quickly evolving and tense environments. I believe in acting ethically, openly, and decisively.

Independent Directorships: I have been a board member of several startups and family-owned and operated businesses, including a generic pharmaceutical firm, a reference laboratory, and SaaS and other software and high technology companies. I work persistently to support growth and create wealth for the owners. As an independent director, I have been the Chairman of Special Board Committees established to solve critical financing issues. I believe in the setting of a clear boundary between family and business. As an outside director, I build trust, understanding, and open-mindedness with family matters and freely air candid opinions to promote open and honest debate between family members.

My recent growth services and transaction advisory engagements include:

Family-Owned Businesses:
• I provided advisory services to sell an Identity Access and Management (IAM) SaaS offering of a family-owned company to a public, global technology and services company. I coordinated the investment banker's activities, outside counsel, and internal staff to develop the valuation, respond to due diligence and negotiate the transaction.
• I sold a SaaS platform providing a web portal for reporting the status of various permits processed by a municipality, including valuation, due diligence, drafting, and negotiating the acquisition agreement.
• As a transaction advisor and independent board member, I provided advisory services to the founders of a family-owned and operated laboratory services firm in a sale to a public company. I worked closely with outside audit, tax, and legal counsel. I managed the process, including developing the valuation, dealing with tax and accounting issues, responding to due diligence, and negotiating the sale documents and integration issues.

Independent Board Memberships
• As an Independent Board member, as Chairman of the Special Committee of Independent Directors, I negotiated a recapitalization of a family-owned generic pharmaceutical business with various outside shareholder groups, including family members, resulting in a satisfactory resolution for everyone. In a separate transaction, I negotiated the purchase of the firm by a family member competing with an outside offer. I was also actively involved in negotiating the transition from family management to a professional management group.

Other Transaction Support:

Restructuring/Recapitalizations/Public Offering of a Private Equity Owned Company.
• Responsible for the workout and going public transaction of this private equity-funded high-technology company. I coordinated the CFO, Controller, Legal, Tax, and Workout advisors' activities to develop, evaluate, and implement restructuring alternatives. We negotiated the transaction with banks, shareholders, and bondholders to restructure bank and bridge financing and coordinated with investment banking, legal, audit, and tax advisors to raise $600 million in an initial public offering comprising $300 million in equity and debt financing.

Suffolk University Law School, JD
Northeastern University, BSEE

Executive Education Programs - Business:
Brandeis University Non-Degree Student - Heller School (Course in Corporate Finance) and School of International Economics and Finance (Various courses in Financial Modeling and Acquisitions)
Duke FUQUA School of Business (Strategy, Economics, and Operations)

Executive Education Programs - Legal:
Stanford Law School (ERISA Law),
Harvard Law School (Antitrust, Corporate and Tax Law)
How can I help...
My Services: I help business owners grow, succeed, and create a business that is attractive to customers, vendors, and especially employees and potential buyers. I help build a company that is financially strong with consistent earnings and operationally self-sustaining. I provide thoughtful and strategic support.

Operating a business is a challenging task, one that requires wisdom, patience, and a clear vision of the future. The support and guidance of an experienced advisor can make that path less daunting and help a business thrive. I show owners how to strengthen their company, so it grows with them at their pace. With objective and seasoned insight, I prepare the owner, their valuable company, and their invaluable employees for whatever comes next, in their business and their future.

I listen and learn before I advise. I will not provide unworkable, boilerplate solutions. Instead, I work with the owner and management to craft a solution that fits operationally and recognizes the culture.

Process: My process is to provide the owner with a fundamental knowledge of the steps and related personnel and business legal, tax, and accounting issues involved in the exit/sale process, from examining the owner’s financial and personal readiness to preparing the business, valuation, negotiation and final integration. This approach provides the owner with a context for interpreting the many complex issues that arise in a sale. I then help the owner navigate the workflow among external audit, tax, and legal advisors to develop a structure that provides the highest post-tax funds and the least legal exposure for the owner. I oversee the process, including retaining an expert team, establishing valuation criteria, dealing with tax and accounting issues, and responding to due diligence. I also become actively involved in the negotiation of the transaction documents, employment and consultant agreements for the owners, and protective contracts for key employees. I work with the owner’s advisors and do not replace them.
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