From being kidded at the neighborhood barbecue to downloading new leads from your website, everyone loves the impact of being in the news.

News releases often garner major press coverage ? both in traditional media and online. Most media websites have significant traffic and greatly enhance your SEO efforts.

To become relevant to the press, and an on-going authoritative source for topics on your field, you must continue to prod the press with regular news.

Here are a wide range of topics that tend to resonate with the press and the public.

  1. Anniversary (Round #s are the most impressive ? 5, 10, etc.)
  2. Art Opening ? (Encourage local artists to provide samples to adorn your walls.  Upon art installment, hold an art opening for your clients and the artist?s.)
  3. Awards ? (Create an award and encourage nominations.  This not only establishes you at the pinnacle of your profession, but elicits community activity.)
  4. E-book ? Announce (E-books don?t have to be long or in print.  They are good tool to establish credibility (he wrote the book on?) and generate leads.  We can even write the book for you.
  5. Holiday tie-in ? (Father?s Day is a great window of opportunity for Boot Camp For New Dads and other family related stories.)
  6. Job creation ? (The press and public LOVE job creation.  From a new or expanded coffee shop to a major manufacturing plant, job creation will drive headlines.)
  7. Location ? New (How does the customer find you?  Don?t forget to reference local landmarks.)
  8. Location remodel ? (A facelift is worth noting.)
  9. Major client win ? (Worry not about your competitors hijacking your client.  You keep them or lose them on the basis of how you treat them.)
  10. Off-beat Contest ? (We?ve had success with the Ugliest Driveway and the Most Untanned.)
  11. Personnel ? New key hire, promotion, additional training
  12. Piggy-back ? (Ride along a story in the news.  The collapse of the Greek economy creates an opportunity for financial planning firms to prognosticate ? within the bounds of compliance, of course.)
  13. Poll/Survey ? (Perform a modest poll or survey at a tradeshow or among your customers. Announce the results as a ?trend? for your industry.)
  14. PowerPoint Share ? (Create a useful and objective PowerPoint and offer it free from your website.  A visibility, image, traffic and lead builder.)
  15. Product ? New  (From new product line to a minor add on, this allows to the chance to provide an overview of all your products and services.)
  16. Product ? Enhance. New nuance. (A new doohickey is enough to get some ink.)
  17. Recognition ? (From a good Better Business Bureau rating to Chamber of Commerce accolades, take a bow for your good works.)
  18. Scholarship ? (Establish a local scholarship tied to your business focus.  Example ? A medical office might offer a scholarship for a student pursuing a career in health care.)
  19. Seminars/Workshops ? (This will garner business calendar coverage and build brand and leads even if attendance is light. Ask us about the ?non-seminar? seminar.)
  20. Strategic Partners ? (Announce and outline how it benefits your audience.)
  21. Tips ? (From chiropractic ?health? tips to accounting ?tax? tips, keep it current, relevant and easy to digest.)

Having trouble determining what is news and how to get your arms around it?  Call today to brainstorm and we?ll help you identify good opportunities and package them for the press. 

Quote for consideration ?

Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.

Hunter S. Thompson

STEVEN V. DUBIN, president of PR WORKS, knows the “news” business.  His newspaper career started by covering the Boston Celtics for the New Bedford Standard Times, Steve and Larry Bird shared rookie years.  From there Steve progressed to editing and marketing positions in several publishing companies, including Mariner Newspapers. 

He is the author of ?PR 101?, an E-Book, is a contributing author to “Get Slightly Famous”, a book about becoming a celebrity in your field and attracting more business with less effort, and “Tricks of the Trade”, the complete guide to succeeding in the advice business.

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